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Hey everyone! We want to add some positivity to your week!

In addition to taking our Immunity Powder, there are other ways to stay healthy. The body and mind are interconnected. Nourishing our bodies also means nourishing our minds. When we’re anxious, our bodies get tense and we forget to breathe. Here are a few simple things we know Baba would recommend to reset and unwind:
  • Take five minutes out of your day to meditate – to sit still and practice deep breathing.
  • Go for walk in nature and observe the beauty around you.
  • Pull out that yoga mat and do an at home session.
  • Apply some lavender essential oil to your temples and give yourself a gentle head massage to destress.

    Whatever activity you choose, focus on your breath and cultivate a sense of gratitude.

    Tag us on instagram to show us who or what you are grateful for this week. #Babasremedies #Gratitude #JustLikeBaba